NAPFA Community

Community is a large part of the NAPFA experience. A shared profession and a shared interest in making that profession better encourages NAPFA members to seek out additional ways to interact. Whether participating in a study group, starting a MIX group of their own or helping to plan one of the many NAPFA Conferences or events, NAPFA members enjoy sharing their experiences with each other. Contending with the challenges of the financial planning profession can become overwhelming, but NAPFA members have each other to lean on. There can be no better teacher than the successes and failures of those who’ve gone before.

NAPFA members are also resolute in their desire to groom the next generation of planners. For that reason, a peer-to-peer networking group – NAPFA Genesis – was established, allowing NAPFA Genesis members to begin to see the value of community early in their careers.

Sharing best practices, encouraging each other and planning for the future of the profession are the ties that bind the NAPFA community.